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Have you ever...

Have you ever wished for devices that would work in reality so flawlessly as in the advertisements or even in science-fiction movies? Electronic tools and gadgets, which cooperate with each other seamlessly without any need for manual adjustments? We can help you with that, by assisting in selection of equipment, adaptation of it or even by creating new devices just for you.

Let us reinvent your lifestyle

What we do:

We invent bespoke technology schemes precisely cut to your needs, preferences and capabilities. Our expertise allow us not only to adapt what is already available on the market, but also to create completely new solutions and devices that will break the limits of standard technologies.

Who we are:

Our biggest assets are the people. Our team consists of highly skilled specialists who understand technologies at all levels - from single atoms to complex, large-scale electronic and electromechanical systems. We owe our deep knowledge to our educational and professional background. We are all engineers with university degrees and practical skills, but we have also written literally hundreds of articles about technologies, most of which were published in the biggest Polish printed magazines about electronics, automation or on web portals devoted to computer technologies.

Why to use our services:

We give our clients a chance to take full advantage of the functions of their electronic equipment. Our services are not cheap, but implementation of our schemes allows clients to save lots of time during the daily routine, which quickly turns out to be very profitable.

We can’t promise that all your life will be simpler, but at least the technology will ease it for you.

Our services

Our main services are:

  • -consultations,
  • -assistance in selection and acquirement of electronic devices,
  • -technology schemes planning,
  • -adaptation of existing devices to the specific, personal needs,
  • -designing new devices that will exceed the capabilities of standard equipment,
  • -teaching about technology and usage of modern devices.

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